The Catcher's Thumb is a piece of equipment that Pros have been using for years, but has been unavailable to the amateur player.  Until now!  The Catchers Thumb is a preventative splint to be used on your glove hand.  Don't let an injured thumb hinder your performance behind the plate. 

The Catcher's Thumb works by protecting the second joint in the thumb from hyper-extending (getting "thumbed").  Most catchers get "thumbed" when a ball is foul tipped directly back into your thumb, either causing a hyper-extension or a bruise. 

Any catcher who has been "thumbed" before will tell you that this is a nagging injury that could last an entire season.  Not only does the Catcher's Thumb help players who have already been "thumbed", it helps prevent the injury from ever occurring. 

Our goal is to help catchers of all ages prevent an injury that could keep you out of the game!

The Most Important Piece of Equipment That You Don’t Have!

The Catcher’s Thumb has been sold in 45 states (plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico) and Canada, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  (As of 4-18-2011)


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