Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use a Catcher's Thumb?

Catchers from all ages can benefit from a protective Catcher's Thumb. Whether you play baseball or softball, the Catcher's Thumb can help prevent injury and keep you behind the plate.

Are there different size Catcher's Thumbs for younger or older players?

No. The Catcher's Thumb comes in one universal size. This piece is trimmed and molded to fit each player uniquely based on what he/she finds comfortable.

How Can I pay for my Catcher's Thumb?

We are now able to accept credit cards and payments using PayPal. You do NOT have to set up a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Credit card orders are just processed through PayPal. For ordering information click the "Order Online" tab on the top left of this page.

Why do you use PayPal instead of a traditional shopping cart?

We use PayPal for a few reasons. First, it is completely secure so that you feel safe paying online. Secondly, it is less expensive than a traditional credit card processor which helps keep our costs down...and helps keep your costs down too!

What injury does the Catcher's Thumb help prevent?

The Catcher's Thumb helps prevent hyper-extension and bruising. The Catcher's Thumb is no substitute for seeing a doctor if you have suffered an injury.

Where can I buy a Catcher's Thumb?

Currently, the only place to buy a Catcher's Thumb is on the website. It is not sold in any retail stores at this time.

How long will a Catcher's Thumb last?

Many people have been able to use the same Catcher's Thumb for 2-3 seasons. If you were ever to outgrow your Catcher's Thumb simply reheat and remold!

How is the Catcher's Thumb shipped?

All USA domestic orders are shipped USPS and you can choose between Priority or Express mail. Orders outside of the USA are also shipped through USPS, however, these come without Delivery Confirmation.

What is the return policy?

We accept returns of Catcher’s Thumbs that have not been molded. If you have already molded your Catcher’s Thumb to your hand we cannot accept a return. All return payments are issued by check.

Why is there no phone number listed on the website?

To be completely honest, it is much more efficient for us to correspond by email. If you really need to talk to someone on the phone send us an email and include your phone number...we’ll give you a call!


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"Wanted to let you know the catchers thumb works like a charm. Outstanding! My son has been doing well since using it coming back after his broken thumb. He has all the confidence in the world. Many thanks!"

Dennis, Jeffersontown, KY 5-11-2011

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