The Most Important Piece of Equipment That You Don't Have!

The Catcher's Thumb is a piece of equipment that Pros have been using for years, but has been unavailable to the amateur player...Until Now! The Catcher's Thumb is a preventative splint to be used on your glove hand. Don't let an injured Thumb hinder your performance behind the plate...


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Who is it for?

The Catcher's Thumb was designed for baseball and softball catchers, but can be worn by any player who has, or wants to prevent, a thumb injury.

The Catcher's Thumb is typicallly worn by an athlete that is between 12 and 22 years old. During this time period catchers will catch pitchers that throw harder than they are used which increases the risk of injury. This is for players who want to rehab, or prevent, a thumb injury.

Developed in 2008

The Catcher's Thumb was developed in 2008 by University of Louisville coach Xan Barksdale.

Coach Barksdale recognized a need for a thumb guard while he was playing in the Atlanta Braves organization and had a custom thumb guard made for him. Now, the same custom thumb guard is available to all amateur players that need to protect their thumb!

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Recent Comments

"Wanted to let you know the catchers thumb works like a charm. Outstanding! My son has been doing well since using it coming back after his broken thumb. He has all the confidence in the world. Many thanks!"

-Dennis, Jeffersontown, KY 5-11-2011

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